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About Us

With a long lineage of developing cutting edge products that can change the face and construct of any millwork design, CTI has escalated industry standards to a new level of excellence while managing to provide a diverse product line that is suitable for any market to benefit from their quality and reliability.

This doesn't occur overnight. It happens over years of research, development and the leadership of four generations of manufacturing building materials. CTI takes a hands on detailed approach to insure all products are produced with a "quality first" attitude. Because in a day and age where product lines and supply can come and go, CTI knows that their legacy will stand the test of time by exceeding the "standard" and the "norm". This includes bringing the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the industry to the company to serve the customers they have come to know as family and friends. For CTI...quality isn't just another word. It's a literal way of life, Because Quality Matters™.

Our Mission

To globally produce innovative millwork products, prioritize and invest in employee growth, and honor authentic client relationships through customer service marked by honesty and integrity in every interaction.

Our Vision

To build upon our enduring legacy by becoming essential to our clients through our innovative millwork product offering and unmatched services crafted to simplify life.




Years in Business




Product Categories


CTI CEO, Griff Reid, has a long lineage of entrepreneurs in his family, starting with his great-great-grandfather, John D. Schafer, who left his native country, Germany over 150 years ago to set up roots in the United States.

John D. Schafer eventually settled in the Pacific Northwest where he discovered the logging industry (quite a career change from the music instructor he had set out to be). Over the next 50 years of hard work, John D. Schafer and his three brothers turned their homestead of 160 acres into Schafer Brothers Logging Co. - which became the largest logging and timber producer in the Northwest, employing over 7,000 people.

As fate would have it, timber would eventually translate into numerous career paths and businesses for the Reid family - including the construction of all the major buildings in New Aberdeen, WA by Griff’s great-great-grandfather, and a successful career in millwork sales for Griff’s father, John D. Reid.  

Fast forward to 2000 in Sacramento, CA.  With vision in hand and the support of strong family roots and work ethic, Griff, his mother and father Carolyn and John D. Reid, and one team member, opened CTI (Composite Technology International) with a desired goal to sell millwork products at a reasonable price through a strong distribution channel.  

What you see today is the culmination of years of steadfast focus, coupled with the versatility to adapt to the ever-changing market needs. CTI was not only selling the specialty products they became known for, but also began manufacturing those same products throughout multiple mills in Asia and Indonesia using the same quality of standards that the market was accustomed to in the United States - something that was, and still is, rare to see in business today.

CTI’s continuous growth and expansion can be credited to many things. However, the most important factors in Griff’s mind are his family history that inadvertently started his love for the millwork industry, his parents support, his team of committed, knowledgeable and dedicated employees, and his drive to represent and serve the CTI brand and it’s clients.


  • 2000

    CTI Founded

  • 2000

    First Joint Venture (JV) Mill in Mexico

  • 2003

    Began sourcing from China

  • 2004

    Opened office in Shanghai

  • 2005

    First China JV Mill

  • 2005

    SuperJambs® patented

  • 2006

    Established Quality Control Team

  • 2008

    Implemented ERP

  • 2009

    Jamboo® patented

  • 2013

    Greenwood acquisition

  • 2014

    JV Mill BelTrade Startup

  • 2014

    Established CTI Sourcing in Indonesia

  • 2016

    Established CTI Limited in Hong Kong

  • 2017

    Three more JV Mill in China

  • 2018

    Indonesia JV Mill

  • 2018

    Entered Australian Market

  • 2020

    Established CTI Door Components in Atlanta, GA.

  • Today

    We are continually expanding our global footprint with 6 joint ventures and 1 majority owned manufacturing facility in Indonesia.


Griff Reid Chief Executive Officer

Bryan Settje Chief Operating Officer

Tony Casey Chief Sales Officer

Mike Morales Chief Financial Officer

Wilson Ye Vice President,
General Manager, China

Susan Gould Vice President of IT

Paul Homenock Western Regional Manager

Shawn Brown Eastern Regional Manager